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Decked Out Games is a small run business located in sunny Charlotte North Carolina. Founded and operated by husband and wife, Adam and Katie. Both have always had an entrepreneurial tendency. They have started, run and sold several businesses together and separately. Adam came from a Printing and Production background while Katie was more Design and Marketing. Adam, being the tinkering type, started messing around with some printing equipment and made some cool products for family and friends. That led to him making an online store for the entire neighborhood and now globally.

It didn’t take long for them to figure out they needed to start up a business and the name was easy. We wanted to let our customers know in the brand name itself, that they were going to get a high-quality product tailored to their niche. Thus Decked Out Games was born.

Decked Out Games was started in Adams spare guest room on the floor 3 years ago and has been moved several times since. We now operate in a 1200 sq. ft building and employ several family members and friends.

We have always prided ourselves on our Quality and our Customer Service. We are constantly looking for new products and equipment to enable us to put out better looking, longer lasting products. Know that when you choose to work with us, you are working with Family, Friends and Neighbors that really do care about the products we sell and the Customers who choose to shop with us.

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Our Team

Dedicated. Personable. Passionate.

Adam Spiker

Business Owner

Manages day to day operations

Katie Spiker

Customer Service

Handles all you lovely peoples inquires and needs

Happy customer says

I really liked the site and thought it was easy to use. The products look beautiful online, and even more so in person. Very excited to continue purchasing from these guys.

- Sara - Social Media Strategist